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From Idea to Open Sign: Essential Steps to Launch a Successful Local Business

The decision to open a local business marks the beginning of an exciting adventure in entrepreneurship. When you’re looking to establish roots in your community through business, planning with precision and executing with purpose is vital. This guide serves as your roadmap, providing you with strategic tips for opening a local business that not only survives but thrives. By focusing on the unique aspects of your community, you can create a business that resonates deeply with local customers. Read more…

If You’re a Gig Worker (or use them) You Need to Know This

If you’re a gig worker, or you use them in your business, it’s important that you are aware of recent legislation that went into effect this month. What Is a Gig Worker?A gig worker(independent contractor, freelancer, or contingent worker) is someone who works on a temporary, flexible basis, often for multiple clients or companies. They perform specific tasks, projects, or assignments for a predetermined period, rather than being employed full-time by a single employer.  Read More… 

Elevate Your Venture: Choose
Winnetka, IL for Business Success

Submitted by Eugene Williams

Embark on an entrepreneurial journey in the inviting community of Winnetka, IL, where the vibrant fusion of business opportunity and quality of life creates an ideal setting for your venture. This guide from the WNG Chamber of Commerce delves into the myriad reasons why choosing Winnetka transcends a mere location choice; it represents a strategic decision that positions your business for unparalleled success. Explore Winnetka’s rich tapestry of opportunities and why it’s the perfect canvas for your business aspirations.  Read more…

The Cozy Capitalist: A Guide to Apartment-Sized Entrepreneurship

Submitted by Julie Morris

Embarking on an entrepreneurial venture from the comfort of your small apartment is not just a cost-effective strategy but also a testament to modern resourcefulness.
This guide shared below by the
Winnetka-Northfield-Glencoe Chamber of Commerce aims to arm you with practical strategies and insights to seamlessly integrate your business ambitions into your apartment living, ensuring both thrive in harmony.  Read more…